The College of Welding - Welding and brazing courses for beginners, experienced and maintenance engineers.
Workshops for amateurs. Advanced welding techniques for engineers and practical engineers.

The Welding College is an institution that provides a professional solution for training and certification in welding, for the private sector and for hundreds of factories, companies and organizations throughout the country.

The training is tailored to maintenance workers, professional welders, beginners and enthusiasts, welding methods and various materials.

The training is based on 28 different certification tracks in accordance with the American Standards (ASME / AWS) and other standards on demand.
The activity is based on WPS (approved welding process specifications) and is separate for each track and for each level in a small, focused group.

The training courses at the College were approved by the Ministry of Economy and supervised by the National Committee for Welding.

Zika Group Ltd. is the exclusive sponsor of the College of Welding and works to assist the college in both professional and professional training and knowledge.
At the College of Welding, the graduates of our courses receive counseling, placement and accompaniment all the way through our training and placement center.

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